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This thriller by author Abbey Nova is set in an arctic dark age, where most human knowledge we take for granted today has been lost. 


John searches for and preserves information lost in the aftermath of an apocalypse. Sarah is an acupuncturist who reluctantly takes guardianship of a priceless artifact.

Treachery and ignorance are around every snow drift, but that’s not all, a contagious disease is becoming more virulent.  It’s a struggle to stay alive.  

For fans of Lee Child and Tony Rollins. 


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My personal blog, started in 2007, is part diary, part scrapbook, part love letter to designed objects. 

Selected Clips
Anthology Magazine
Journal of the Smithsonian
Not Writing

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When I'm Not Writing

I'm a partner in this independent multi-media production company with my sister, the film-maker Tate Nova. Our films have been shown in film festivals around the world.


I maintain an Instagram account dedicated just to paintings of clouds.  It's soothing and a dose of joy.


I love collecting rocks, old snapshots and books. I also make modern quilts.

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