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In a drastically changed climate, Manhattan’s population is now snow-bound, entering buildings from what were once rooftops. Doctor Sara Byrne’s world turns upside down when she finds Len severely wounded outside her building. He offers an illegal artifact – a book – in exchange for treatment. This book ignites a series of events including the kidnapping of Sara’s sister, Tate, by the Forsakora cult. Sara’s search takes her from the city’s safety to bioprospecting ice digging camps and her uncle’s tent saloon on the coast. Together with Len, she must thwart the Forsakora before the cultists obliterate what remains of the city.


Fans of Black Mirror, Station Eleven or Black Fish City will find it appealing.


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Anthology Magazine
Journal of the Smithsonian
Abbey Goes Design Scouting

Written daily from 2007-2014, this site was part diary, part scrapbook, part love letter to designed objects. 

Not Writing

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When I'm Not Writing

I'm a partner in this independent multi-media production company with my sister, the film-maker Tate Nova. Our films have been shown in film festivals around the world.


I maintain an Instagram account dedicated just to paintings of clouds.  It's soothing and a dose of joy.

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